Perhaps one of the most popular cultures in the world, the Spanish culture excites a lot of fascination from people worldwide.

With massive influence of food, world music, design, and tradition, the Spanish culture is rich and inspiring. The culture has lend its influence in pretty much every aspect of a lot of cultures.

Spanish Culture

Spanish Food may probably be some of the most popular influences Spanish culture has on other cultures. With its rich ingredients and flavors, Spanish food are known for their use of a lot of seafoods. Seafood is a staple in most Spanish homes. As Spain is known for their waters and maritime roots. Famous Spanish foods include the famous Paella-a rice dish, Tortillas or omelletes, Chorizo which is a spicy Spanish sausage, Gazpacho which is a meal of cold bread and tomato soup.

espacio flamencoSpanish music is known for its romance and intensity. Famous influential Spanish music include the intense Spanish dance flamenco known for its intricate and rapid beat.. Nowadays, there are more and more Spanish music in the Worldwide charts considering its richness and flair.

More and more Spanish singers are making huge impacts on Billboard charts, this may probably be because of the sensuality Spanish music has. Famous Spanish artists include Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias and Alejandro Sanz.