Spain had been a major influential player in world history. While that may be the case, it can not be denied that the Spanish culture has borrowed and was greatly influence by other external factors.

The external influence is owed to the fact that Spain is a country surrounded by the sea. As it is through the sea where boats travel; the sea which was the primary mode of inter-country transportation.

Spanish History

Nowadays, Spain is considered to be primarily Catholic. History shows that this was not always the case, as the country itself was subjected to Muslim Occupation and Reconquest during the 8th to 15th centuries. The Moors conquered and occupied practically the entire Spanish Peninsula. Muslim rule prevailed over the Peninsula for the next 750 years. Slowly but surely though, small Christian Kingdoms had recovered the country from these Muslim conquistadors.

Spanish HistorySpain used to have one of the largest empires in the world. Owing to its global exploration and colonial expansion during the 16th century. Spanish territories included California, Patagonia, the Philippines, parts of East Asia and other parts of the Pacific. Nowadays, Spain is considered as a developed country owing to its status as the 8th largest economy in terms of its nominal GDP.