Perhaps it is true when people say that history is largely shaped by politics, economics and religion. Much of the major historical developments are hinged on these three big aspects of human life.

spanish inquisition

Political relations govern countries now and economics is hugely influential as it dictates the monetary concerns of the country, thus the citizens in each. But it is perhaps true that the most moving and huge developments are all because of religion. The Jewish Holocaust, even the Muslim Jihad are religiously motivated. An example of this religiously motivated historical event is the Spanish Inquisition.

Spanish InquisitionThe permeating effect of Catholicism in Spain is something which can not be contradicted. The Spanish inquisition is perhaps the most glaring example.

The Spanish Inquisition was a tribunal set-up during the 1400s. It was of ecclesiastical nature. It was established as a way to combat heresy which was growing in Southern France during that time. The Spanish Inquisition was created precisely owing to the religious nature of Spain itself. It was established during the reconqusition of Spanish region. Regions include the Iberian Peninsual which was conquered by the Muslims.

Spanish InquisitionThe Spanish Inquisition was established to create a country of homogeneous political and religious nature, which was Catholicism for the case of Spain. The monarchy during that time wanted more influential control through interference of religion, through a more centralized political body.